Each year we add a competitive element to our Wednesday sessions with some form of league format, which uses a handicapping system. This allows all bowlers, new and experienced, to compete on a level playing field by adding handicap points on to a bowler’s score in each game. This year, the handicap is calculated as (220 – bowler’s average), so for example, if a bowler has an average score of 100 then they will receive an extra 120 points in each game, whereas a player with an average of 200 will get an extra 20. We put a cap on this handicap at 160, corresponding to an average of 60 as bowlers with averages below this score tend to improve very quickly.


For 2014/15 the league ranks all bowlers individually, based on their performances each week. To make the league more flexible and fun, the format of the competition changes each session, so one week it may consist of teams of 2,3 or 4 bowlers competing to earn individual ranking points, and on another individual bowlers might compete in a head-to-head knockout. The maximum ranking points on offer to bowlers each week is 15, and then the best 8 of these scores contribute to the overall ranking for the year.


In previous years, the league format has usually consisted of teams of 3 or 4 bowlers playing a different fixture each week. Results from the past 5 years are all available under the ‘League’ tab.