While every committee comes to a close, we like to thank those who have helped ensure the continuing survival of the bowling team so that we may enjoy it today. The committee members below, from 2009/10, did just that. Enquire with the team for contact details.


Cat Chesney

High Game: 280

High Series: 680(ish!)

Studies: German and Management


Comm_Joe_DysonVice Captain

Joe Dyson

High Game: 279

High Series: 698

Studies: Chemistry


Comm_Tom_AndrewsTournament Secretary

Tom Andrews

High Game: 213

High Series: 547

Studies: Chemistry


Comm_Nathan_ArrowsmithSocial Secretary

Nathan Arrowsmith

High Game: 190

High Series: 464

Studies: Aerospace Engineering



Simon Parker

Studies: Chemistry




Comm_Carl_WhitfieldTransport & League Secretary

Carl Whitfield

High Game: 204

High Series: 513

Studies: Maths & Physics