There are some rules and general good practices in bowling that many people don’t know about. They make the game fairer, and have to be adhered to, especially in competitive play. Here are the most important ones:

•  Before a bowler steps up to the lane, he should first check that there are no players already on the adjacent lanes. If they aren’t, he may bowl as normal. If another bowler is already on an adjacent lane, you should wait until they have begun their approach before you step on the approach. This is simply to avoid distracting other players.

•  Before a match begins, you should shake hands with opponents and wish them luck. (Sometimes people also shake hands before the last game of the match, especially in tournament play.)

•  Two hands gestures are used often in bowling: the “high-five”  and the “fist-bump”. It is polite to offer your hand to bowlers you are playing with for a high-five if they spare their shot or if they get a strike. You offer a fist-bump if you feel someone had an unlucky shot i.e. missing a spare. (This is not, however, an opportunity to punch your opponents!)