The current committee for the 2012/13 season is made up of  the following members:


Mike Marshall

Bowling Style: Hooker

Studies: Biomedical Studies

Interesting Fact: My middle name is Meredith.



Stacey Spencer

Interesting Fact: Chiseled her bowling ball out of an Easter Island head. Authorities were not impressed.



Comm_Richard_PateClub Secretary

Richard Pate

High Game: 193

Bowling Style: Dead Straight

Studies: History & Politics

Interesting Fact: Represented Suffolk in the 100m sprint and Long Jump.



Simon Parker

Bowling Style: Unstable

Studies: PhD Chemistry

Interesting Fact: Once got lost in the Mappin building for 127 hours, escaping using only a penknife and his wits.


Comm_Tom_AndrewsDevelopment Officer

Tom Andrews

Studies: PhD Molecular Engineering

High Game/Series: 257/621

Bowling Style: Poor

Interesting Fact: Has an irrational fear that one day, he will wake up with the face of an octopus.


Tournament SecretaryComm_Carl_Whitfield

Carl Whitfield

High Game/Series: 264/651

Bowling Style: Awkward

Studies: PhD Biophysics

Interesting Fact: Once nearly made it as a supermodel in Eastern Asia.


Comm_Tom_SharpSocial Secretary

Tom Sharp

High Game/Series: 206/473

Bowling Style: Evolutionary

Studies: Maths

Interesting Fact: Is also a baller.


Safety OfficerComm_Cherry_Hui

Cherry Hui

Interesting Fact: Is actually named after the fruit.